transferring knowledge of waste management

About IRF


IRF International Recovery Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports and promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience in the field of waste management.

The founders of IRF are well known and respected international companies in the field of waste treatment. They make accessible their rich experience with the development of waste management projects.


The last 20 years have seen many failures in the conception and implementation of waste management in Western Europe. These failures have cost billions of Euros, and have thwarted efforts in protecting the environment.

IRF aims to extract the lessons learned from past experiences and inform decision makers in the waste management industry.


The IRF utilizes communication platforms such as conferences, workshops and public relations to convey their expert knowledge in the field of waste management. These platforms deliver high quality content that sheds light on the legal, technical, economic and ecological aspects of waste management.

For example, the IRF provided support for the IRRC International Resource Recovery Congress with over 300 attendees in September 2011, as well conducting a workshop in Poznan for 80 specialists in waste management in November 2012.

New members

IRF welcomes prospective researchers, companies or individuals specialized in the field of waste treatment as well as members who are interested in dynamic and practical development in the field of waste management structures – preferably those with interest in countries with developing disposal infrastructure. As a researcher or member of the IRF, you will play a crucial role in designing the future of waste management.